Inktober 2017

Having been recently reminded that life is too short, this year I am going to dive headlong into the Inktober challenge. This involves doing a drawing with ink every day of October and posting it online. I’ve been in training for the last few months by doing a drawing every day in my tiny homemade sketchbook, some of which I have shared online. But posting my work online daily is a new challenge for me. As with everything in life, I expect some of my drawings will be more successful than others but all of them will go online regardless. It feels pretty daunting to be honest, as we are blessed with a lively and often chaotic family of three children. The weekends and the October half term holiday are going to be hard days to find time draw let alone upload images online. Nevermind, it’s worth a try. Or as my mother often says, “plough on.” I’m hoping to generate some new work, try out some new techniques and have fun along the way. So if you have the time, please do follow along with me, the odd word of encouragement will be greatly received!

1st Inktober


2nd Inktober


3rd Inktober


4th Inktober


5th Inktober



6th Inktober

Lost Sword smaller


7th Inktober

Shy Lion smaller


8th Inktober

Flying Geese smaller


9th Inktober

Bubbles smaller


10th Inktober

10.11.giant yarn smaller


11th Inktober

11.10.17 kite


12th Inktober

12.10.17 knight


13th Inktober

13.10.17 dragon smaller

14th Inktober

14.10.17 octopus smaller


15th Inktober

15.10.17 mystery plant smaller

16th Inktober

16.10.17 piggie


17th Inktober